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Ligating Clips


A sterile, non-metallic, non-bioabsorbable clasp designed to be implanted around a blood vessel or a tissue bundle for permanent occlusion.


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    It is typically made of plastic materials [e.g. polyoxymethylene (POM) commonly known as Delrin] and may be designed with a self-locking catch. It may be used for ligation in open and endoscopic (e.g. laparoscopic) surgeries but is usually not intended for fallopian tube occlusion. Its non-me

    Made of long term implantable material which was approved to be safe by FDA with good biocompatibility.

      Anti-skid  and anti-breakage design to ensure to safety of the closure.

      Non- nail lessen and &ldquo;V&rdquo; structure design for the tissue clamping.

      Once-through operation saving the operation time.

    Surgery (open and endoscopic) occlusion of blood vessels and tubular tissue.
    General Surgery
    Cholecystectomy/ Colorectal resection/ Splenectomy/ Gastrectomy/ Gastrojejunostomy / Esophageal fundoplication/ Appendectomy/ Liver resection etc.
    Nephrectomy/ Adrenalectomy/ Radical prostatectomy/ Resection of bladder cancer etc.
    Obstetrics and Gynecology
    Salpingectomy/Oophorectomy/Hysterectomy/Pelvic lymph node dissection/Chocolate cyst excision etc.

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    100401XL2pcs/cartridge 4pcs/cartridge 6pcs/cartridge30cartridge/box
    100402ML2pcs/cartridge 4pcs/cartridge 6pcs/cartridge30cartridge/box
    100403 L2pcs/cartridge 4pcs/cartridge 6pcs/cartridge30cartridge/box