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Fascial Closure Device


Easy to use

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    Silicone Pad
    Easy to control the needle fixed the two ends of the suture line fixed puncture hole on both sides of the stitch margin 1cm.
    Proximal Wing
    Maintain stability indicating the location of the abdominal wall open freely.
    Guiding Channel

    Minimize the risk of needling injury and guide the puncture device to deliver the suture path to the control panel.
    Handle Ring
    Pull up and open the open the proximal wing and then rotate back to lock position.

    Convenient quick and effective stitching and closing the puncture hole.
    To prevent incisional hernia of puncture hole after operation.
    Perceptible tactile feedback.
    The depth of suture can be judged intuitively and accurately.

    Ref No.ModelPackaging
    101701WD-BHQ0011 PC/BAG