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Absorbable Full Thread Bone Screw


The absorbable screw is aseptic, no exclusion, no reaction of pyrogen.
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    PGLA/HA absorbable screw is made of lactic acid and glycolic acid co-polymer (PLGA) and hydroxyapatite (HA) by injection moulding which has favourable strength and bio-compatibility.
    It is degradable in human body no need for second operation to take out non-interference with radiography. The product is sterilized by EO to implanted in human body for the support and fixation of bone fractures.
    1.No need of second surgery.
    2.Safe good biocompatibility and completely absorbable.
    3.Effective: After implanted in the human body for 6 months the mechanical strength of the screw is greater than cancellous bone and the elasticity modulus are close to the cancellous bone which allows small movements of the broken ends of fractured bone and be beneficial to the heal of fracture. As the fixture degrades the stress will be gradually passed on to the healing fracture interface to reduce the risk of osteoporosis.
    For the restoration and fixation of cancellous bone fracture joint fusion and bone transplantation.
    Units: mm
    Model Diameter (QD) Thread Pitch  (QL3) Overall length  (QL1) Thread length  (QL2)
    PL/KQ—Φ2.0×15—12 2.0 1.0 15 12
    PL/KQ—Φ2.0×12—09 12 9
    PL/KQ—Φ2.0×09—06 9 6
    PL/KQ—Φ2.7×20—15 2.7 1.2 20 15
    PL/KQ—Φ2.7×15—10 15 10
    PL/KQ—Φ2.7×11—06 11 6
    PL/KQ—Φ3.5×35—30 3.5 1.7 35 30
    PL/KQ—Φ3.5×25—20 25 20
    PL/KQ—Φ3.5×15—10 15 10
    PL/KQ—Φ4.5×60—55 4.5 1.7 60 55
    PL/KQ—Φ4.5×45—40 45 40
    PLKQ—Φ4.5×30—25 30 25
    PL/KQ—Φ5.5×60—55 5.5 1.9 60 55
    PL/KQ—Φ5.5×50—45 50 45
    PL/KQ—Φ5.5×40—35 40 35