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Cranial Bone Flap Fixation Clamps


A sterile, non-metallic, non-absorbable device designed to be partially implanted around the perimeter of a replaced cranial bone flap after a craniotomy to ensure structural stability during the healing period.
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    It is typically made of biocompatible plastic materials [e.g. polyoxymethylene (POM) commonly known as Delrin] and is typically designed with internal and external flanges that are tensioned together over the bone of both the flap and skull and locked via a central stem. It may also be used for craniofacial bone fracture fixation. Its non-metallic design makes it more compatible with radiological imaging than metallic clips.
    Non absorbable polymer non magnetic no interference for CT and MRI of the surgical site.
    Material soft light smooth edge more closing to cranial tissue structure have good biocompatibility.
    Unique design for non- nail easy to install rapidly firm fixation.
    No special tools are required for re-craniotomy the lock cap is easy to be removed with scissors or any surgical clamp.
    Cranial Fixation Device is designed for the reduction and fixation of skull bone flap in craniotomy.
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